Evidence: Doc. 4: French letter about India. Describes political system of rajahs, hints at instability. British merchants would gain power. Evidence: Doc. 5: British E. India Company Gov. Br. didn't have "fixed plan," but "destroyed" native populations' economic policies. Br. Gov. made India a colony. Discussion of the prereading questions can take a number of different forms. Here are two possibilities. Small-Group Discussion. Distribute the prereading question agreement/disagreement chart and have students fill out the chart independently with their own answers. No, they may not choose "both" or "in between." Get students in groups of 4-5. Ap Lit Essay Prompts 2015, Contoh Business Plan Entrepreneurship, Simple Easy Resume Templates, Sainik Ki Atmakatha Essay In Hindi Language, Ielts Essay On Quality Of Life, Pay For My Top Masters Essay, Literature Review Time Studies REVIEWS HIRE.

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