Motorola 68000 • Arbitrary pick: Motorola 68000 (or m68k) • CISC processor - translates instructions into microcode, and executes a sequence of micro-instructions. Board build procedures. Tiny68K, 68000 SBC, Rev 2. This page only contains updated information specific to rev 2 pc board. For general description of Tiny68K, please refer to this page. Introduction. Tiny68K is a high-performance yet low-cost single board computer based on the Motorola 68000. Revision 2 of Tiny68K has the following changes:. I mean this computer is so old that you grandmother gave it back to you, after you had given it to her years earlier. Well before you throw it out, because the earlier suggestion above of loading Debian Q4 couldn't cut it. Here is another plan. This Operating System will bring back the dustiest, old computer, and make you proud.

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