Each banger will come with our New Silicone Banger Hanger, which allows your banger coil to rest properly and securely allowing for the best heat transfer. Our 20mm bangers have our logo on them. The 20mm bangers require 20mm coil.. The quartz eNail banger is made to work with 20mm heating coils and has a built-in coil rest. Made with premium 100 percent quartz. Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.. 20mm eNail Banger quantity. 45. 19mm Male. $ 6.50. $ 5.50. 20mm eNail Banger quantity. You must be logged in to view prices and add items to your cart. LCD E-Nail Quartz E-Banger Kit Color Buy Now - $200.00 / 25mm Quartz E-Banger Buy Now - $35.00 / Cloud Cover Glass ISO Station (L) Buy Now - $35.00 / Terp E-Slurper Pill Sets Color Buy Now - $15.00 / Universal Deep Dish Titanium Nail. Domeless Clear or Frosted Joint Edge - Rounded 20mm Enail Coil Recommended The Honeycomb Barrel Enail is off the charts wild. This is a madly great domeless quartz banger, giving an unheard-of level of dabbing most are new to.Also, this development gives a dab sesh no dabber will ever neglect.. Search: Enail Coil Wiring. Ruby Pearls / Terp Pearls The RELX Difference SZ Crossing (Saionara.

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