It makes transportation and repairs easier. However, if you have had your refrigerator laid down for any amount of time, you need to let it sit turned off for several hours after you turn it upright. This will allow the lubricant to drain back into the compressor. By allowing it to sit for a few hours, you can safely turn it back on without. Samsung fridge (RF263BEAESR/AA) stopped cooling yesterday. As it did there was some ice that melted off the coils and water collected at the bottom, but not enough to indicate that they had frozen up. I have had the ice make freeze up on me before so I am aware of what a pain this fridge can be. It was also flashing the code 38 first thing this. Check the Condenser Coils. 8. Check Interior Vents for Blockages. 9. Defrost the Freezer. 10. Check the Fans. When your mini fridge isn't working, take a deep breath and work through these refrigerator troubleshooting steps before you panic. You may find that all it takes is an easy DIY repair to keep you from having to buy a new fridge. One thing you can do is to clean the blades of the fan properly, over time a lot of dust can be accumulated on the fan which might create a blockage. Another sign of fan damage can be a weird noise while the fridge was running. Try applying some lube or oil on the part where the blades are connected. The Fix: If the fan does not seem to be <b>working</b>, you might need.

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