IPv6 Subnet Calculator. Select a number of subnets or a subnet size to divide the above into: This calculator can be used for IPv6 in the same way as our VLSM calculator is used to plan an IPv4 network. Note that best practice is to always use a /64 subnet mask for simplicity on real world IPv6 subnets with hosts.. "/>

Fill in the IP address in CIDR notation. The calculator will display the network address, usable IPs, broadcast address, and network mask. All IP address parts must contain an integer not greater than 255. The CIDR prefix must be an integer greater than 0 and not greater than 30 1. If you enter a start IP and prefix that is not on the CIDR. This subnet calculator optimizes the entire process, from subnet scanning to IP address tracking. The SolarWinds subnet calculator can: Scan your network for subnets and provide address details. Convert IP addresses into both hex and binary. Automatically and accurately calculate the subnet, subnet size, mask, inverse mask, broadcast, and host.

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