PCI DSS meaning. PCI DSS is a cybersecurity standard backed by all the major credit card and payment processing companies that aims to keep credit and debit card numbers safe. PCI DSS stands for. The latest version of the Lenovo Solution Center (LSC) has produced this invalid comment for the PCI on several different models. If your overall test result was passed then don't worry about the PCI invalid statement. If you check the test results it will show that your PCI device Count was 0 which indicates there was nothing to test. Not quite a false positive test. Do take this quiz and get to see if you comply with them. 1. PCI DSS was created by the major credit card companies. 2. The financial services, healthcare, insurance and higher education industries have the highest percentages of businesses that store credit card data. 3. In total, PCI DSS outlines 12 requirements for compliance. Twelve requirements may not sound like much. A quick scan for PCI compliance documentation online can lead you to believe that PCI compliance is easy. In reality, maintaining PCI compliance is extremely complex — especially for large enterprises. It means you need to comply with a.

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