Aug 17, 2019 · er-we-are-meant-to-b:. @percico-positivity-project. I created this as sort of an crossover/Prophecy thing? If that makes sense. I started drawing Romano from Hetalia but as I was painting his eyes reminded me of how I imagined Rachel’s go when she gives a Prophecy.. "/>

Jan 05, 2021 · #30 percico Content Guidelines Report this story You may also like The Big three 21 parts Complete Persephone and Hades had a child named Hayden Persephone goes missing Nico has to take the quest wi... north 21 parts Complete Nico falls into Tartarus. Jason follows shortly thereafter. Cover art by @Minuiko on Tumblr. Canon.... . What if Percy fell into Tartarus on his own. Tell me what you think would happen. (edited by RyanTheScourgeOfTheStorm25) 2. KrspaceT · 11/17/2019. He dead. He and Annabeth needed both to get through, along with the bonds of others. Now if he, say, had the Curse of A that might change things up. (edited by KrspaceT). Percy was nothing but a husk now, but only because he could now afford to be. Golden tan skin now ashy and pale, his eyes dull and ringed in dark half-moons. Thin body, once made of lean muscles was wasting away, weakened by exhaustion and starvation. He couldn't remember to eat unless he was forced, and sleep seemed out of the question.

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