Xfinity Mobile lets you access over 16 million Wi-Fi networks across the country. Global Roaming Xfinity Mobile allows you to roam internationally around the world, with reasonable rates for talk, text, and data. Other Benefits This plan also includes the following features: Wi-Fi Calling Call forwarding Visual voice mail Caller ID Call waiting. enTouch Wireless provides free cell phone service for qualifying individuals. Enroll today, or check to see if you qualify for Lifeline phone services. (866) 488-8719 Enroll Today. AT&T used to offer a Senior Nation plan, which was a talk-only plan for older adults who didn't want data, but it was discontinued in 2020. If you're looking for a call-only plan, consider Lively, another phone provider we've tested. This is one of the few carriers that still offers a call-only plan, and it costs just $14.99 per month. Thank goodness we were not using Xfinity phone service, as far as I know that could have also been down. I was able to use my phone's mobile hotspot, otherwise I would have not been able to use Xfinity's chat and web service (as useless as they are). Calling Xfinity and talking to a person is useless and time consuming.

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