ZWO ASI183MC Pro 20.18 MP CMOS Color Astronomy Camera with USB 3.0 # ASI183MC-P. ... zwo astrophotography camera astrophotography camera ... Telescope Photo Adapters; Kids' Telescopes; Webcams; See All 6 Departments. Customer Reviews. 4. 2022. 7. 29. · Related products. QHY/ZWO Camera Adapters for BORG M57 $ 69.00 Select options Drop-in filters for IDAS Filter Drawer $ 119.00 – $ 319.00 Select options 7518 – 52mm/48mm Filter Holder $ 45.00 Add to cart 2-. The ZWO EOS-T2 adapter is made to connect the Canon EF lens to ZWO ASI cameras. It does not adjust, but the locking mechanism has been improved since the first generation of the adapter. ZWO has designed this adapter to include two parts: the EOS-T2 adapter and a 5 mm T-2 extender. You can also use the adapter with a 2" IR-CUT filter. The camera's T2 ring interfaces with this adapter. Then, on the camera side: 11mm - T2 ring - the ZWO cameras come with an 11mm T2 ring. This attaches to the T2 thread on the Baader slider base above; 6.5mm - camera back-focus - the camera sensor itself is positioned 6.5mm from the very front of the casing.

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